Metal Gram Troy Ounce
Metal Gram Troy Ounce

Terms and Conditions

Before creating an account or placing an order, we ask that you carefully review these terms and conditions. The terms tells you who we are, how we will provide products, and other important information, like what our customers want when they buy precious metals.

Who We Are and Some Essential Terms

  1. "Company" means Boxerdome Limited, a company with a registered office at Bank House, 7 St Johns Road, Harrow, HA1 2EY and a company number 05964139 incorporated in England and Wales 2006.
  2. The term "Metal" refers to the precious metals we offer for sale. It's a broad term that can refer to any one or more of these precious metals. You ought to be aware that, unless otherwise stated, the term "Metal" refers to bullion-quality metal offered as a means for a buyer to acquire specific quantities of precious metal. Unless otherwise specified, the metals we offer are not offered as items for display or decoration.
  3. The "Order" is the foundation of your contract with the Company. You make this decision on your own accord (i.e., you are willing to do so);
  4. "Locked In Price" refers to the price at which you have the chance to acquire the metal. If this price isn't taken at the time it was offered, we reserve the right to change it or cancel it.
  5. "Monies to be Paid" refers to the amount you are required to pay us in order to acquire your Metal.
  6. "VAT" is assessed at the current rate. The same is beyond our control. Only the relevant purchase will be subject to VAT charges.
  7. "Investment Gold" refers to gold with a purity of at least 995 thousandths and a weight accepted by bullion markets in the form of a bar or wafer.
  8. An "Investment Gold Coin" is a gold coin that was minted after 1800 and that: is at least nine hundred thousandths pure; is or has been recognized as legal tender in its home nation; and is a description of a coin that is typically sold for less than 168 percent of the open market value of the gold in the coin.
  9. The LBMA Gold Price is the price that is set by the LBMA Gold Price System twice per trading day.
  10. The LBMA Silver Price is the price that is determined by the LBMA Silver Price System each trading day at noon.
  11. The "Spot Price" on this website refers to the regularly updated current market prices for Palladium, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Gold.

Prerequisites for Using Our Services

  1. In order to purchase Metal from the Company, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old, and the Company may require you to provide documentation proving your age and identity.
  2. You must be a resident of the United Kingdom, and the company may request documentation of your UK address.
  3. In order for the company to complete the initial registration and any subsequent transactions, you must provide the company with all relevant information.
  4. You are responsible for ensuring that the provided personal information is correct and complete.
  5. You agree that the company will be notified immediately if your personal information changes during the transaction.
  6. You must always accept and follow these terms and conditions.
  7. You are responsible for your own actions.
  8. The UK debit/credit card or UK bank account you used for the transaction must be held by an authorized individual.
  9. You are required to provide us with the correct information as soon as is reasonably possible if any of the information you provide to us is incorrect. You are solely responsible for failing to notify us of any changes or inaccuracies in your information, particularly your address.

In order to enter into a contract with us that is legally binding, you agree to provide the information above. We reserve the right to either suspend your order or cancel it until you provide the necessary information in the event that you fail to provide this information when requested.

1 - Products

    1.a) As a means for customers to acquire specific quantities of precious metals, we offer bullion-quality coins, bars, and rounds. Unless otherwise specified, the metals we offer are not offered as items for display or decoration.

    1.b) We guarantee that we will provide the Metal in a timely manner and with reasonable skill and care in accordance with these terms and conditions. We do not provide any other guarantees regarding the Metal's supply.

    1.c) Metal products may look a little different from what you see on our website. Our website's product images are only for illustration purposes. We have made every effort to accurately display the colours, but we cannot guarantee that a device's display will accurately reflect the products' colours. Your product might look a little different from those images.

    1.d) The packaging of metal products may also vary. The product's packaging may differ from the images on our website.

2 - Prices

    2.a) The prices shown are all expressed in GBP.

    2.b) When a price is referred to as a "Live Price," it is based on data supplied by third-party suppliers. Despite our efforts to ensure that the "Live Price" is accurate, the company does not generate this data. As a result, the "Live Price" feed provided by a third party is provided "as is" and the company does not guarantee its accuracy. Additionally, please keep in mind that a metal's "Live Price" does not necessarily indicate its availability. Market conditions and stock held by either ourselves or our wholesalers determine availability completely.

    2.c) If we discover an error in the "Live Pricing" following the placement of an order, we will offer you the choice of revising your order to reflect the correct price or cancelling the order altogether.

    2.d) Metal transactions are speculative in nature. Prices change as a result of market forces, political conditions (including unrest), demand, and other factors. Your order's value may rise or fall as a result of these factors. When you buy the Metal, there is no guarantee that the company will cover your losses. You acknowledge and accept the possibility of price fluctuations for Metal when you place an order with the Company.

3 - Making a Purchase

    3.a) All orders must be placed through the company's website unless otherwise specified.

    3.b) The company obtains as few details as possible in order to ensure a safe transaction for both parties. The Data Protection Act of 1998 safeguards any information gathered during the transaction and will not be disclosed to any unauthorized third parties. The law requires the company to verify the identity of its customers. While the information you provide during the ordering process may allow us to verify your identity, there are times when we may require additional documentation before dispatching an order.

    3.c) When you confirm your order, you confirm that the information in it is accurate. Errors are not the responsibility of the company. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided.

    3.d) You are entering into a legally binding contract with the Company by confirming your order. Failure to fulfil your contractual obligations—such as verifying your identity and making payment in accordance with Clauses 4 below— and may result in legal action.

    3.e) Every order placed is final and immediate. You forfeit any right to cancel an order you place with the Company.

    3.f) The company will send you an email titled "info order confirmation" once it confirms that an order has been placed. You will receive another confirmation email confirming dispatch once your order has been shipped.

    3.g) It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of the email address you provide for our contact. Every email sent by us is recorded. If we are unable to get in touch with you because you did not provide the correct email address, you accept full responsibility. If you do not receive the Acknowledgment email within 30 minutes of placing your order, please get in touch with us immediately.

    3.h) The Company is not obligated to accept your order, but it may decline it if:

      3.h.i) The Metal is not in stock at the Company; or

      3.h.ii) If your bank transfer payment is not received by the company within the specified time,

      3.h.iii) There is an error in either the detailed price or the Metal's details. Our distributors tell us about any problems they might be having with stock availability or distribution (including delays)—the company has no control over this because it is a third-party company.

    3.i) Any order may be rejected or cancelled by the Company at any time.

    3.j) The company reserves the right to cancel an order for payment by Bank Transfer if the payment is not made, and it will then pursue its loss of profits in accordance with its common law right.

4 - Making Payment for Your Order

    4.a) All payments must be made in pounds sterling (GBP). If you pay in a different currency, you are responsible for covering any bank fees for conversion, transfer, or any other reason.

    4.b) We will not receive a refund for cash deposits to Our Bank Account until we are able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Company that the cash deposit is ours and where it came from. We reserve the right to determine the appropriate level of proof, which may include providing us with original documents and signed statements and/or declarations. Additionally, before any refunds are processed, cash deposits to our Bank Account may be reported to the National Crime Agency (NCA). The combined effect of these actions may cause cash deposits to be repaid for up to 30 days longer. Because our bank charges a high fee to process cash deposits and we do not have a reference number facility for cash deposits, we are unable to match cash deposits to orders. Please do not, under any circumstances, deposit cash payments into our bank account.

    4.c) Any cash deposits that are refunded to our bank account will be subject to a charge of £200 plus VAT to cover the cost of using staff time and resources to settle the matter and to reflect the fees imposed by our bank.

    4.d) The secure online payment portal of the Website allows for the free processing of "Debit" or consumer (personal) "Credit" card payments for orders up to the value of £10,000. We do not accept debit or credit cards that have been registered or issued outside the UK. We do not accept payments made with business or commercial credit cards. To offset the high processing fees associated with this type of credit card, any orders processed using a commercial or business credit card will be subject to a retrospective fee of 2.5% of the transaction value and/or may be cancelled. We reserve the right to hold ordered goods and delay shipment until all fees have been paid in full. The card issuer must approve and conduct validation checks on all card payments. We will also use commercially available sources, such as credit reference agencies and the Electoral Roll, to validate the information supplied during the registration and order processes.

    4.e) Within four hours of placing the order, you can pay by bank transfer to our account. To enable our system to match received payments with orders, all Bank Transfer payments must include the Order ID generated by our system at Checkout. During the checkout process and in the Order Confirmation email that our system will send to you, our Bank Details are provided. If you pay by bank transfer, you may be required to provide identification documentation.

    4.f) In order to comply with our "Know Your Customer" protocols and HM Revenue and Customs regulations, the Buyer is required to provide us with certified copies or sight of original documents as proof of ID if the Transaction is for Goods worth more than £5,000 (or the equivalent in another currency) or if the Buyer purchases more than £10,000 (or the equivalent in another currency) in a rolling 12-month period. We are required to keep a certified copy of the purchaser's most recent passport or photo driving license and a certified copy of a utility bill with the purchaser's home address (dated within the last three months) on file. These details will not be given to anyone without your permission, strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998.

    4.g) Certified copies of documents are those that have had their authenticity verified by a responsible party who has seen the original document and signed the copy. Doctors, lawyers, bank employees, and other professionals are all qualified to certify such copies on behalf of the responsible parties. For a small fee, certification can be obtained at most Post Offices. Original documents can be sent to us by Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery. The documents will be copied and certified by us before the Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery service returns the originals to you.

    4.h) In order to comply with our "Know Your Customer" Protocol, HMRC regulations, NCA requirements, and/or any other applicable law or internal company procedure, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to hold any and all payments made to us and to withhold shipment of the associated order(s). This includes providing us with all of the information and documentation, including original documents, that we may require. We will be able to verify the identity of most of our customers using public records and the method of payment they used, but there may be times when we need original documentation to verify your identity and/or address.

    4.i) Chargebacks on credit and debit cards:

      Without limiting our other rights, you will be required to pay us the following amounts within 28 days of the date of the chargeback if you submit a chargeback claim that is not justified in the circumstances:

      (a) an amount equal to any amount repaid by our bank or card processor as a result of the chargeback claim, if the items to which the chargeback relates have already been delivered to or collected by you;

      (b) the amount of any chargeback fees imposed on us by our bank, your bank, the card processor, or the card issuer;

      (c) any and all other reasonable losses, costs, and expenses we have incurred as a result of the chargeback.

      (d) If you file an unjustified chargeback using a credit or debit card, we have the right to cancel the contract we have with you for the supply of the items in question as well as any other contract we have with you for the supply of other goods or services, without affecting any of our other rights.

5 - Order Cancellation

    5.a) The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation, and Additional Charges) Regulations of 2013 apply to the provision of our services to you. To ensure the safety of both parties, these rules govern our relationship with you. The Company is obligated to comply with these Regulations by:

      5.a.i) Provide specific information before any Contract is signed. This is met by the terms and conditions of the company;

      5.a.ii) Provide customers with written or other durable evidence of the prior information that is easily accessible to them. By attaching a copy of these Terms and Conditions to the order confirmation email we send to you, we fulfil this requirement.

      5.a.iii) Ensure that the cancellation policy for any contracts is correct; and

      5.a.iv) Confirm the situation regarding refunds, specifically the circumstances under which refunds may be given and the time frame within which they will be given;

      5.a.v) Refunds are entirely at the company's discretion and will only be made if approved in writing by the Managing Director of the company. With the exception of bank holidays, when the next business day will be used, any approved refund will be processed in full, less any administrative fees.

    5.b) The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation, and Additional Charges) Regulations of 2013 stipulate that a consumer has the right to cancel a contract within 14 days of placing an order for many online contracts (or at a consumer's place of employment, home, or other location). There are, however, a few exceptions to these Rules: No contract entered into with the Company may be cancelled unless agreed upon by the Company (via its Managing Director). This is because the acquisition of Metal is exempt from any contract with the Company that is based on changes in financial market prices.

    5.c) The company reserves the right, in spite of the preceding clauses 5.b, to allow for the cancellation of an order in exceptional circumstances. All written requests to cancel an order must be sent to [email protected] within six hours of the order's placement. The Company's decision regarding requests to cancel an order is final, and each request will be considered on an individual basis.

    5.d) Our Market Loss Policy applies to all agreed-upon order cancellations made by the buyer because of the volatile nature of the precious metals markets. Any decrease in order value between order placement and cancellation will result in a charge for the Market Loss Policy of the Company. If the buyer cancels an agreed-upon order, they will have to pay a £100.00 administrative fee, plus VAT.

6 - Ownership

    6.a) The legal and beneficial title will transfer to you, the customer, upon receipt of full payment.

    6.b) The Company will consider a payment in this regard to be made when it has received all cleared funds, whether through a bank transfer or a debit/credit card. In the event that a Debit/Credit Card payment has been made, title to the goods will not pass until the Debit/Credit Card payment processor has transferred the funds and the company has received them.

    6.c) Despite the fact that Clause 6.a is satisfied, title does not transfer until delivery has been arranged and executed in accordance with Clause 7 below. The company will not be held liable for any delay in receiving the metal.

7 - Delivery

    7.a) The company encourages you to visit for complete details regarding delivery terms.

    7.b) Although the company will always make an effort to adhere to the advertised delivery times once the order has been shipped, there will be times when the company will be unable to do so. The delivery dates ought to be regarded as merely indicative and not binding. Subject to the following, the company reserves the right to alter delivery dates: Market conditions (such as whether the company is unable to meet this deadline due to government guidelines that prohibit traditional working practices). The wholesalers of the company's lack of availability. External factors that prevent delivery

    7.c) No order will be shipped until all payments have been received, the delivery address has been verified (if applicable), and your identity has been verified. The order's dispatch may be delayed if the verification process is slowed down.

    7.d) The Metal will be shipped via Royal Mail Delivery Service or another approved carrier when it is ready for shipping. GPS technology is used to monitor deliveries and delivery points. The Royal Mail Delivery Service and other carriers require that the items be delivered to the address, not the person whose name is written or printed on them. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that an authorized individual receives the Metal if you are unable to personally collect it at the point of delivery. A failed delivery note will be left by the courier if no one is available to take delivery. When a person who claims to be an authorized recipient receives the metal at the delivery address, the delivery will be deemed completed. It's possible that people who claim to be authorized recipients will be asked to prove their identity.

      7.d.i) Any delivery that has been accepted at your address but not accepted by you will not be covered by the company. When a person at the delivery address signs for the package or our couriers confirm that the package has been delivered or picked up, the order is considered delivered.

      7.d.ii) Before accepting delivery, it is your responsibility to carefully examine the shipment for signs of damage or tampering because the shipping insurance policy ends when the shipment is delivered. You must refuse the delivery and direct the carrier to return the package to the business if there is evidence of damage or tampering. There must be an immediate rejection. You are required to notify the Company via email at [email protected] once you have informed the delivery driver to return the Metal to the Company. You accept the delivery as received regardless of any damage or tampering, if it is accepted. As a result, the delivery-related insurance policy provided by the company will be null and void, and the company will not bear any losses.

      7.d.iii) You should immediately notify us at [email protected] with your Order Number and any subsequent delivery notifications if, despite receiving notification that your order was scheduled for delivery, you do not receive it. We are obligated to inquire with the concerned courier, which includes Royal Mail. We will begin an investigation and file a claim with our insurers, who are completely independent of Royal Mail and our other approved carriers, if we determine that the delivery was lost. In the event of an undelivered package, you must not get in touch with Royal Mail or a carrier that has been approved because doing so could jeopardize any subsequent investigation. In the event that an order is not delivered, you agree to fully cooperate with us, any law enforcement agency, and any investigator or loss adjuster appointed by us or our insurers. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, a replacement order or refund may be offered following the investigation. The Company is free to choose from these options. Please be aware that the company may charge you for the replacement order at the conclusion of the investigation or impose an additional delivery fee for it. The company will not be obligated to attempt delivery of a replacement order or to refund the purchase price of the order in the event that a customer is found to have committed fraud in relation to a report of non-delivery—either on their own or in conjunction with another customer. The following factors may lend credence to the suspicion of fraud: any decision or finding of a court or tribunal; any legitimate suspicions raised by the company, its insurers, or any law enforcement agency's investigation.

    7.e) If the Company delivers the original order to you after providing a replacement order, the Company will provide you with the choice of: Pay the then-current market price for the duplicate product. Send the duplicate product back to the company at the company's expense via Royal Mail-insured Special Delivery.

    7.f) Outside of handing over the relevant order to the delivery address, the company will not accept any responsibility or liability for safe delivery or for third-party fraud.

    7.g) Any items that are redirected are not the responsibility of the company. If you have a redirection order in place, you should contact Royal Mail right away.

    7.h) Royal Mail will return any package it determines cannot be delivered to the business. Once you provide a recent utility bill (not older than three months) and valid photo identification (such as a passport or two-part driving license), these items will be re-dispatched to you. The business reserves the right to charge an additional delivery and/or administration fee in these situations. When packing items for delivery, the company's dispatch department adheres to strict guidelines. High Definition video is recorded and monitored remotely at each stage of the process. After the three-month archive period, no claims regarding the condition of the product, the contents of the package, or misdelivery will be accepted.

    7.i) In the event that an address is a Multiple Occupancy Address, the company will not be held liable for any lost or stolen goods if someone other than you signs for them. You are required to ensure that you will be at the designated address to pick up the Metal. It is your responsibility to provide an alternate delivery date in the event that you are unable to sign for the Metal on the scheduled delivery date.

    7.j) Because we may be bound by manufacturer or supplier delivery promises that we pass on to you in good faith, any quoted delivery dates are only estimates. To be clear, the delivery dates and times provided to you do not obligate you to deliver on those dates or times, and the delivery time is not a condition of the contract.

8 - Selling Products To Us

    8.a) In the normal course of business, the company will buy metal products at the prices listed in the Selling section of our website, as long as the items are in good, saleable condition and still in their original, unopened packaging. Original authenticating documents must accompany investment products. Even if you purchased the item from us, we are not obligated to purchase Metal from you. The daily prices for Scrap Precious Metal Transactions will be used to value any items received that do not meet these requirements.

    8.b) You can choose one of the two ways that we will transfer the proceeds of your sale:

      8.b.i) FPS bank transfer directly Our preferred method of payment is this service, which we offer for a nominal fee of £5 to clients who have compatible bank accounts.

      8.b.ii) When using CHEQUE PAYMENTS, a fee of £20 per transaction will be deducted from the valuation to cover our bank fees and administrative and postal costs.

    8.c) The customer agrees that if you receive more money than you are entitled to, you will hold that money in trust for the benefit of the company and return it upon demand within 48 hours of being informed of the error.

    8.d) The company will send your package back to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery if you reject our offer to buy. The company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to charge the user £15 for the return package's postage, packaging, and insurance in such a scenario. We may be charged £15 per required package if the Post Office's terms and conditions require us to divide a high-value (over £2,500) or heavy (over 500 grams) shipment into multiple packages. This is done to make sure that the shipment can be found, is fully insured, and needs to be signed for when it arrives.

9 - Additional Important Terms

    9.a) Nothing in these terms and conditions limits or excludes the company's liability for fraud, personal injury, or death caused by the company's negligence. The Company shall not be liable for the Buyer's unauthorized use of any Goods unless caused by the Company's negligence.

    9.b) The Transaction Price, excluding VAT, is the entire amount of the Company's total liability for the Transaction's performance or anticipated performance in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of any statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution, or otherwise. You will not be held liable by the business for any losses, whether they are consequential (direct or indirect), profit loss, harm to reputation or goodwill, or anything else.

    9.c) The Company makes every effort to use descriptions provided by third parties with the utmost skill and care whenever it is possible to do so. However, the company makes no representations or warranties regarding the information's authenticity or accuracy.

    9.d) The Company cannot be held responsible for the following while the Website is professionally maintained: The Website's incompatibility with other websites, services, software, hardware, viruses, spyware, or any other insecure or disabled features that may hinder access or use. The Website may be modified, temporarily unavailable, or discontinued.

    9.e) In the event of a breach of these Terms and Conditions, neither party will be held responsible for any losses incurred by a third party. It will be considered foreseeable any loss that both parties could have reasonably anticipated at the time of the Transaction. The parties stipulate that the English and Welsh courts shall have sole jurisdiction over any dispute. The remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions are unaffected by any provision that is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court or other competent authority. We can still enforce this contract later even if we delay doing so. It does not mean that you are not obligated to perform any of your responsibilities under these terms, nor does it prevent us from taking action against you in the event that you break this contract. The same is true if we delay taking action against you.

    9.f) The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act of 1999 does not grant anyone who is not a party to these Terms and Conditions any rights to enforce any of their terms. Any other rights that a party may have under that Act are unaffected by this paragraph. The actions, approval, and acceptance of third parties, such as manufacturers, approved couriers, vaulting partners, and other third-party providers of associated services to you with which you may have an independent agreement, may limit our ability to provide supply, storage, vaulting, and delivery services to you. You acknowledge that any services provided by a third party are the responsibility of that third party, and that third party may affect our ability to provide services. Any delay or non-performance of services resulting from this third party is not our responsibility.

    9.g) We may delegate our responsibilities and rights under these terms to a different organization. If this occurs, we will always inform you in writing and ensure that the transfer will not affect your contractual rights. We reserve the right to update these terms at any time to reflect legal developments or other factors. Please review the most recent version of our terms before placing an order for our products to ensure that you are aware of any changes that may have occurred since your last visit to our website.

    9.h) The company's assertions regarding the metal's tax status are solely based on our comprehension of UK tax. We are not liable for any future changes to UK tax regulations. If you need help with taxes, you should talk to an accountant or tax professional with the right credentials. If you acquire Metal, the company will not be held liable for any losses you may suffer as a result.

    9.i) Complaints and disagreements Our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our products and services. We might not always achieve that objective, but we will always try to fix any issue that arises.

    Please let us know if you are dissatisfied in any way with your interactions with Fill out the Complaints Form as fully as you can about the issues or problems you've encountered. Within one working day, we will acknowledge your complaint and provide you with the name of the employee handling it.

    Within five business days of receiving a complaint, we aim to resolve it. The complaint will be reviewed and resolved by a senior manager if we are unable to resolve it within five working days to your satisfaction. The complaint will be forwarded to our CEO for his personal attention in the unlikely event that we are still unable to resolve it to your satisfaction within five working days.

    We promise to investigate complaints honestly, and we anticipate that our clients will reciprocate.

    9.j) Online reviews Customers agree not to post negative, derogatory, or defamatory reviews about our services and products during or in place of our complaint’s procedure, even though we encourage fair, positive, and negative reviews. Negative reviews that are unjustified or motivated by vengeance are extremely harmful to our online business and particularly challenging when used as leverage in a complaint.

    It will be viewed as unjustified to post such reviews, especially if our complaints procedure has not been utilized or is incomplete. The business will think about taking legal action against people who post unfounded negative reviews or comments. These legal actions could include claims for financial loss to our business and damages to our reputation caused by defamation.

    9.k) AVERAGE RISK: Risk is inherent in all investments. We buy and sell metal products based on the prices of metal on the global market, which are out of our control and fluctuate frequently. Global metal market prices' past performance is not a reliable predictor of future prices. Investment advice is not provided by BuyBullion24. You should get in touch with a Regulated Independent Financial Advisor if you need advice.