Metal Gram Troy Ounce
Metal Gram Troy Ounce

Gold Investment Guide

Why buy physical gold, silver, platinum or palladium?

Did you know that investing in gold can diversify your portfolio? It can also provide insurance against stock market turbulence. As global stock markets dips in and out of unchartered territory, the question we need to ask is ‘Is gold a good investment?’ Investment in gold is not the same as buying bonds or stocks.

Historically, gold has always been a safe investment haven through times of war, political upset and previous stock market devaluations. For this reason alone, it’s worth adding to your portfolio.

Buying bullions offer you the ability to take complete control and ownership of your assets. Unlike savings accounts or stocks, you can physically hold your investment in your hands.

Precious metal values agreeably fluctuate, but their value is in essence, timeless. Since currency began, gold has retained its purchasing power whereas other currencies have depreciated massively, like the dollar for example.

Investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium offer:

  • Portability – take it wherever you go
  • Privacy – with the purchase of precious metals and no capital gains tax, what you own is your business, and your business only
  • Liquidity – precious metals can be sold anywhere and during economic crisis its value will only increase
  • Low maintenance – investing in property or businesses comes with doubts, headaches and stress whereas investing in precious metals offers instantaneous product

What should I buy?

Are you an investor, a collector or looking to save? This will aid you in your product purchase.


Gold bars, compared to gold coins, have much lower premiums. When you compare weight per ounce, bars are less expensive than coins and this is due to the intricate designs and higher labor costs to produce the coins. Additionally, generally speaking, the bigger the bar, the smaller the premium, as it costs the same amount to produce a 1-ounce bar as it does a kilogram bar.

Gold bars are also much easier to store than coins. This is actually the reason bars were originally manufactured.


Depending on your reason for collecting, the best form of bullion to buy, is sovereign coins. They are produced by a government mint, such as The Royal Mint for Great Britain or The Perth Mint for Australia and come with a guarantee of purity. A sovereign coin highlights its original face value and is a form of legal tender, unlike other forms of bullion.

Sovereign coins also offer the most liquid form of bullion investment due to their recognition globally.


Similarly, to an investor, purchasing gold bars offers the most profitable form of investment due to its minimal premiums. But it should be remembered that while investing in precious metals does have the ability to make a profit, its main purpose is to act as a form of currency and therefore provides a safe place for savings.

If saving your disposable income or creating a diversified financial portfolio is your motivation, gold bars will be your best bet.